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Location Query

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Hi Experts


My business is in whole Canada, but I want to target each state, city & town. also i have filled geo keywords in ad group but when i go to Ad Preview and Diagnosis it gives that error.


our ad is not showing for the keyword "keyword" ( ad group - ad )

  • Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank. Ads are ranked based on your bid and Quality Score.What can I do?
  • One of your other ads is already showing for this keyword.What can I do?
Because your query included location terms, ads matching this location are shown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
also my campaign location is "CANADA" 
Can you suggest me anything?
Thanks Lisa
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Re: Location Query

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Hey Lisa,

There is a whole lot going here, I would suggest reviewing your account structure and building a strong structure using embedded negatives if necessary. If 2 of your Keywords are triggering for the same search query, but one is more relevant in some case etc, then use embedded negatives to choose when each should appear.

Read below for practices regarding campaign structure:

With regards to low ad rank, it his highly recommended that you start with a High Max CPC to ensure that your ad receives traffic and establish its ad rank quickly. I would suggest increasing your bids for awhile. Once QS has been established you can bring this down again.

Location 'qualifiers' or long tail additions are a good practice to incorporate, but they need to be included in a well built campaign or they can play havoc with matching up with search terms.

I would also suggest making extensive use of modified Broad Match as this will help direct traffic.

Read below for match types:

Good Luck!

Re: Location Query

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I agree with Clynton that it sounds that an overall review of the campaign structure is recommended.

As for location targeting; If you Geo target by city - you don't need to add the location name as part of the keyword. This would be a redundancy; 

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Location Query

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Hi Lisa,


When you try to add the location based keywords and generic keywords targeting same location, this sort of situation might arise. So the best is to use embedded negative keywords as suggested above.


There can be different ways in which this situation can be act upon:-


1. Use Generic keywords and target the locations as per your requirements.


2. You might consider using location based keywords and target outside areas where there are chances of getting your business. AdWords will target those segment of users who are outside of your location but are showing interest in your location and chances of showing ads to them could be higher.


3. Use embedded negative keywords at ad group/campaign level to make sure that the situation you are explaining (some other keyword showing ad and not the one you want to get displayed) is avoided.


4. Try to focus more on quality of your account structure and not the quantity. Focusing more on quantity degrade the overall performance of your account and hence impacts the ad rank.


5. Do not use duplicate keywords inside AdWords. That would again degrade the account performance.


I would also suggest you to read this article of help center explaining how similar keywords are matched to various search terms:


This would help you understand how different match type keywords you should be using in a better way.