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Location Extensions for Temporary Events

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Hi everyone,


Apologies in advance if this has been covered elsewhere but I couldn't find anything.


Our company runs training events at different locations around the UK, and I wanted to know if it's possible to add these different locations as Location Extensions to individual Campaigns or Ad Groups.


These training locations around the UK are only temporary, ran at function rooms etc, so it's not possible to create a Google My Business account for each. As a result we're currently including the location in Ad text.


Could anyone advise whether it's possible to show these temporary locations in specific Campaigns or Ad Groups, or any other suggestions that may be effective.


Thanks in advance

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Location Extensions for Temporary Events

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Great question!


Regrettably the only way to use a Location extension is if you're able to claim/be added to a Google My Business account for the location you want to use as an extension.


If that's not an option (which it usually isn't in this kind of temporary situation), then Location extensions won't be an option for these campaigns.





Location Extensions for Temporary Events

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Hi John,


Thanks for the quick reply.


Unfortunately that's as I suspected. It's a shame as it would benefit our campaigns, the sole reason we run these events in different locations is to remove the barrier of distance to our training base in the north of England.


Thanks again,