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Location Bid adjustments country vs. city

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Hi everyone,


I have following location bid adjustment in my campaign: I target the whole country with bid modyfier -15% and the capital of this country with +15% Does the bid for country influence my bids for the city because the city is in the country?

Thanks in advance for claryfing this issue.



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April 2016

Re: Location Bid adjustments country vs. city

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Hi Kamila,
No it won't . e.g

"It’s OK to set overlapping location targets with bid adjustments. The most specific location available will be applied to each location target. For example, let’s say you have a +10% bid adjustment for Canada and a +20% bid adjustment for Montreal. When someone searches in Montreal, your bid will be increased by 20%. And you’ll see distinct performance stats for Montreal and all of Canada except Montreal.

For more info @