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Local Businesses

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Would be nice if you show some example of different setups for local businesses like my carpet cleaning business that have different landing pages for BT phone areas.


Also the link with Google maps can be an issue sometimes for me. overlapping phone code areas with maps idea of an area. 




Ian Harper

Re: Local Businesses

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Hi Ian

What aspect of setup are you primarily thinking of? What´s your main targeting concern - keywords, geo, ads (of course they are related).

Geo targeting is dones at campaig level, so basicaally, if you wanna show speific ads and have specific landing pages dependent upon the users locality, you need multiple campaigns.

Re: Local Businesses

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Hi David


Thanks for taking the time to answer.


My setup sounds like what your saying. its just that with geo I could do say a radius and use keywords of the towns to return an advert linked to a page for that town, I just wondered if one was more effective than the other


I have in the past had issues with towns with say one area phone code overlapping another. I tried negative keywords but could not get it to work. 


One massive problem I have is that I have a London ip and live outside and my adverts don't always show. until i set my location to anywhere outside London. The real issue here is if I am having this issue so will my prospects. I dont work in London or want to included it but cant think of a work around. 


all in all adwords works well and I get great ROI but its that London Ip thats keeps me thinking I am missing out some how. It does not make sense as i can set my location to anywhere else and my adverts show, its only on some towns that i cover. 


I know its posible to set thing up in more than one way and wondered if anyone has tested the different ways and worked out which is best


respectsIan Harper