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Local Business - flower and bouquet delivery - looking for AdWords help

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Hi All, 

Here's another local business looking for help. 

Business details: 

Alice runs a flower and bouquet delivery business in Manhattan. She can deliver flowers up to a radius of 40 miles. Her hours of operation are 8 am to 8 pm. She has a website on which customers can place orders but she has never advertised online. She solely depended on walk-ins and word of mouth advertising so far. She needs 1 hour advanced notice for cutomized bouquets and 1 day advance notice for party orders. While she has all seasonal flowers, she specializes in orchids. She is now looking to run AdWords ads to get some business.


AdWords account settings and details: 

She has a budget of $75 per day. 

She has 1 campaign, 1 ad group, 1 ad and 4 keywords (bouquets, flower bouquets, orchids, party orders). 

She currently targets the whole of US and runs on Google search network. 


Can we help her - one step at a time please


Thank you all,





Re: Local Business - flower and bouquet delivery - looking for AdWords help

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Hi Mini,


Alice can target whole USA. But needs to change the Ad Copy.


For Example, she should focus on Adcopies such as "Send Flowers to Manhattan" (Headline fits 25 character)


she should use the tight keywords with Phrase match such as :


"flowers to Manhattan"

"Flower delivery to Manhattan"

"order flowers to Manhattan"

"Manhattan Flower Delivery"


This Helps users trying to send flowers from newyork, will see the Ad and click, here conversion rate will be high.


As there is limited budget of $75, she can do day parting (select peak hours active).


Hope This will help Alice.




Syed Nuri