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List of convertible keywords for real estate Atlanta GA

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Its been a two week I have been optimizing Adwords account for one of our client. The campaign is producing 15-18 clicks per day with budget of $25 per day. Here is list of keywords that are performing best till now-


Keyword Max. CPC Clicks Impressions
homes for sale in atlanta ga 2 34 1053
homes for sale in atlanta ga area 2.3 29 3309
"Homes for Sale" 2.8 15 7873
"atlanta ga real estate" 0.9 7 1377
"Atlanta Georgia Homes For Sale" 1.55 5 16
Luxury real estate for sale Atlanta 2.8 5 131
"atlanta homes" 1.1 4 137
homes for sale in atlanta 2.1 3 490
atlanta home for sale 1.7 3 88
[homes for sale atlanta ga] 2 3 327
"homes for sale atlanta ga" 3.01 2 344
"house atlanta" 2.65 2 209
atlanta homes for sales 2 2 204
[real estate atlanta] 3.4 1 24
atlanta listings 1.85 1 21
"georgia real estate" 2.35 1 4652
"Atlanta homes for sale" 0.75 1 6
[homes for sale in atlanta] 0.69 1 14
[atlanta ga homes for sale] 1.52 1 417
"homes for sale atlanta" 2.2 1 45
[georgia houses] 1.8 1 9
"georgia homes for sale" 2.3 1 924
"rental houses in atlanta" 1.5 1 3
"Homes for sale in Atlanta GA" 0.87 1 16


However, it seems these keywords are not converting well as expected. I'm expecting 4-5 conversions per month with the budget of $800 per month.


Any thoughts on keywords, changes in the campaign? FYI, currently I'm focusing on Metro Atlanta GA directly.




Re: List of convertible keywords for real estate Atlanta GA

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner



"I'm expecting 4-5 conversions per month with the budget of $800 per month."


So how are you tracking conversions.  

Forms? Phone calls, Phone calls from Website pages?

Are you tracking correctly with the IDX search that most agents use to show property?


 Are the landing pages and rest of the site optimized for Tracking, ie Dynamic Phone tracking, Goal thank you pages for forms.


 Are you using Analytics as your tracking methods and using Event tacking to make sure you track correctly?


Also users interested in buying a house will not consistently use a fill out form, They will search the web pages and then CALL the AGENT or phone number when it is prominently listed on the site.  If you are not using a dynamic call tracking system that can track the call via Anlaytics you will have no way to know what is truly happening.



You issue is not your Keyword, clicks, impressions.  You issue is with the landing pages and the types of Tracking methods you are using to truly pick up the "Leads or conversions" and the Calls to Action to induce the lead


From my own experience in RE market, on average there is a 20 -1  Phone call to form ratio, meaning the User makes the phone call rather then fill out the form.  The only times the forms are used on average is when it is after Business Hours or when they assume the office is closed in which the User searching Fills out a form.


Hope that helps



Re: List of convertible keywords for real estate Atlanta GA

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Badged Google Partner

Also not wise to show your data and keywords like this. If I was competing against you in your Niche, I know your keyword, I know your results, and I know exactly How to CRUSH you based on your Budget and Bids.

In the future If you do Supply keyword INFO - Edit out the City name and just say "Us City Name", and never talk about the specific city you are working on.

Make sense?