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Let's share your Column's discoveries!

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for some time I've been wondering how do other advertisers optimize accounts and which metrics they take in mind when making changes. If we would share these, it would be a win - win - perhaps a lot of advertisers would find something new and useful


So,it would be really awesome if you could share, how does your Customized Column look like and what are your gold mines. 


I will start.

My recent surprise and helper for really great optimizing has been impression share tabs, especially 

  • Exact Match IS and Lost IS (rank). This really helps to optimize budget for best performers and assure that the maximum of the market is covered. 
  • Display impression share has been doing a great job for optimizing Display campaigns towards direct conversions and remarketing.
  • Unique cookies tab also was (perhaps a little bit late) discovery for remarketing and display campaign optimisations. There is a clearly visible correlation between average impression frequency per cookie and ROI. Helps for frequency capping optimization!


I really suggest to take a deeper look at these tabs, found them very useful for me! 


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Re: Let's share your Column's discoveries!

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Great idea @Irbe Zolnerovic!


I'm personally a big fan of assisted conversion columns (found in the "Attribution" section). Just because a keyword isn't generating direct conversions, doesn't mean that it isn't playing an important role in your campaign. This is especially true for those keywords which might be more research focused than intent focused for example. The "Click assisted conv." column is great for identifying these subtly valuable keywords, I'd always suggest checking it before removing keywords from a campaign.

ScottyD, AdWords Top Contributor
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