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Less Conversions, Impressions & Clicks. Help Needed!

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Hi everyone. 


I am running a Search only campaign for a client, which is a customer journey mapping software. The problem is that compared to the same period last month i.e. 1 Dec till 15 Dec, I have noticed a slump in impressions, click and conversions. While the campaign averaged about 17-20 conversions every month, it stands at only 4 in the first 15 days. The costs are also a lot higher i.e. CPC and CPA while the conversion rate has halved. I have tried upping the bids for now.


It might be worth noting that all keywords are phrase matches, so no leakage of costs there.


It looks like a general case of demand going down while people are still recovering from the holiday season but any help with this would be much appreciated. What are the potential steps I could take? 



Less Conversions, Impressions & Clicks. Help Needed!

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HI @Perform M


Interesting scenario, and one which may not be uncommon. 


At first thought, if impressions are down this could well be linked correlatively to conversions. Have impressions / clicks decreased linearly with the number of conversions? If so this could well be the answer. However, there may be other reasons - for example you did mention no leakage with phrase match but there could well be - since phrase match could involve other search terms before to after your keyword. I would investigate the actual search terms in dec and see if you are still ranking for them? I would recommend thinking about adding your best search terms on exact match and optimise the whole ad > LP journey. 


CPC are higher - has your QS dipped? Or, perhaps the phrase matched search terms are a little different to that of Dec, which could mean a slightly different QS in their respective auctions. 


Other considerations


Has your budget changed? 

Has your targeting changed? 

Have you changed your ads?

Avg position movements?

Competitor ads - are they offering something different (wouldn't effect impressions, but perhaps clicks)

Device - are you using modifiers (+/-)

What was the data saying in 2016 for jan? And indeed as far back as you can go for general trends?


Does that help a little? Hope so


Good luck