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Lawyer Referral Service Adwords Help Please!

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Hello Everyone,


My name is Dave and this post is regarding an adwords campaign that has been up for about two months.  It is a lawyer referal service, and thats all I'm willing to say at the moment.


The campaign launched on Jan 31st and wasn't performing strongly off the bat.  After testing and optimizations it began generating leads and conversions (yay!) on week 3 and very consistantly throughout the month of march. Towards the end of march campaign began slowing down conversion wise, and a bunch of changes were made to the bids/budgets.  


Beginning this week I have seen hardly any conversions and leads.  This is very discerning because I was seeing several leads a day.  What is going on!!?? I'm very surprised to see a campaign perform strongly for a month and then see it not generating leads at all.  


As I mentioned earlier I did lower bids, but I was able to keep the same position because the market was lower for those high performing keywords.  Any suggestions, its only been about a week am I being too impatient? 

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Hello Dave, and welcome to our community;


Your question is a tough one. The reason is, that without deeply review your account, and scrutinizing every parameter, it is hard to pin-point the cause.

AdWords consists of many parameters, operating simultaneously for one outcome: to calculate if your ad is to get into an auction, and if it does, what would be its rank. (From this pont and on, it's up to a user to click or not ) ;

To narrow the analysis, I would first look into: :

  • Has your QS changed ?
  • Has your CTR changed?
  • Have you made any changes to landing page or ad-copy ( Could be those not attractive ?)


There is plenty of quality content on "campaign optimisation" in hundreds of discussions in this community. When you have first conclusions, please use the excellent search box to find some of those discussions. They could be a first step towards a solution.


Come back to us with your findings.


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September 2015

First of all, two months doesn't seem like long enough (i...

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First of all, two months doesn't seem like long enough (in my mind) to establish even a monthly pattern of market forces, let alone seasonal trends. If this is criminal defense law, if the police are abnormally busy, that would seem to indicate an increase in demand for criminal defense attorneys. If targeting a specific area that just lost a major employer of the local population, bankruptcy attorneys may see an increase in demand for their services, etc.


"...a bunch of changes were made to the bids/budgets." That's one of the difficult aspects of this industry. You know something is wrong, so you make changes to fix it, but if it gets even worse, then you don't know what to do. Smiley Happy It's all about parsing the data over time, and trying to spot trends. If you only have a couple of months of adwords data, do you have any analytics data over a longer duration? What about business in general, is the market up or down overall? Would comparing phone logs, registrations, etc. from this time frame for the last few years help put the overall market landscape in perspective?


"the market was lower for those high performing keywords." That could be a clue. If more tenured advertisiers with more historical data know this time frame is a soft market, maybe the conversions just aren't there right now. You can't "buy" conversions - Is one of those lessons I am still learning. Smiley Happy In short, when the market is soft, you are right to pull back some. However, If you stop advertising you could be leaving money on the table when the market improves. It ain't easy, but that's just part of the game. Smiley Happy


At this point, you do have some data to suggest what the highest converting keywords, and ad copy is for your account. Pick your top 1-2 (few) converting keywords and ads, and focus your budget there. Perhaps even create a seperate campaign, and an adgroup for each exact match term. Run your best performing ad as a control, then make minor changes to a new ad to experiement. Then you will be able to use more of the tools to really work the margins.


In my experience when it comes to optimization, sometimes less is more. The fewer variables you have to analyze at a time, and the more historical data you have, in the future, you may be able to get ahead of these trends. Try to be patient about making changes, but analyze all the data you have, as often as possible. "Measure twice, and cut once". Smiley Happy


Re: First of all, two months doesn't seem like long enough (i...

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Hey Tom,


Thats great advice you gave.  I'm too quick to judge and usually end up changing the campaign sonner than I should.  Unfortunetly, sometimes I cannot check the keywords that convert into leads and conversions because the call center doesnt track it for us.


We have only one month of data to go by and trends in bidding on keywords indicate that march was a good month for law cases, possible due to the seasonality and spring break, but those are just assumptions.  Leads have stayed the same but conversions have dropped, nothing to be too alarmed about.