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Language Targeting - Targeting Bilingual and Monolingual Audience Differently

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Hi Guys,


I need a quick help in checking language targeting options for targeting monolingual and bi-lingual people. 


What I'm planning to do?

I have two Target Audiences:

T. Audience 1: Audience who speaks Chinese only

T. Audience 2: Audience who speaks BOTH English and Chinese


What I want to achieve?

Split budget differently for both of the audience so as I'd be able to spend more on audience 1 than two.


As far as I can understand, language targeting is based on user's interface. So, in order to target audience 1, I can use language setting Chinese and Chinese keywords.


Audience 2 - Language settings Chinese > English Keywords


Is that the correct way of setting up the campaign? Do you see any audience spillover any in any of the case?




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Language Targeting - Targeting Bilingual and Monolingual Audience Differently

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Hi Aakash, I think the best option would be to create 2 campaigns - English with keywords and ads and Chinese so you can reallocate budgets. Not to lose potential customers you can set "all languages" in both campaigns. 

Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency