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Language Targeting Ads

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Hi There,


While setting up the campaign I have selected the default language which is "English" for my Ads.


Now I want to target other languages in ads for some specific countries. So I wanted to know that, will it be possible to target other languages in ads without changing the default language to the preffered language? Or it's just the same, that I can only target after changing the default language to the preffered language.


Please help regarding this.


Thanks & Regards,






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September 2015

Re: Language Targeting Ads

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Hello Sarmita,


As per the best practices, you should create separate campaign for separate language. Reason being that Google is not going to convert your English language text into the respective language text which you are looking to target. 


So, you should create one campaign per language and create your ads in that language so that when AdWords show the ads, they are shown to the particular users who searched in that language.


My 2 cents!