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Landing page

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how much time it takes to get a conversion from a new landing page for an existing website.

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Re: Landing page

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rather than time, the average number of visits actually makes more sense.


take the average number it would take for your old landing page, and multiply it by a factor of maybe 2 to 10


so, on your old landing page, you were getting one conversion every 5 visits, then you might set the new lansing page expectation at 5*6(this factor depends on how good you think your new landing page is) = 30


so you might expect a conversion every 30 visits


or if your new landing page is very good you might do 5*2=10

and expect a conversion every 10 visits


hope this helps!

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Re: Landing page

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Hello Deepti,


deepti wrote:

how much time it takes to get a conversion from a new landing page for an existing website.

It's an interesting question but I think you cannot actually estimate the time period as if when your landing page will start giving  conversions to you. I believe that it all depends upon how much efforts you have put in making your landing page more actionable and how you are projecting it using your keywords and ad copies inside Adwords account.

TC Scott has compiled an excellent article revolving around landing page optimization techniques in collaboration with other Adwords experts. I would certainly encourage you to go through this article for deeper insights of landing page.


Best of Luck!

Re: Landing page

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landing page is important part of the web site but keep in mind that landing page optimization is mendatory only for business web site only. At time of web blog site you guys dose not required landing page optimization.

so, keep in mind that landing page is that page of the site were use first come and visit your site fist time or first lookf the site.if landing page of the site is certified bu any organisation like vrisign or Gov, that will gives possitive effects on  all the user's and tell user to detail knowledge of agreement. all condotion of argeement's.



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