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Landing page quality score refresh when you add new landing pages

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Some of my ads were experiencing low landing page relevancy, so I composed new landing pages personalized to each campaign. However, Google is still seeing them as irrelevant. Does anyone know how long it generally takes for the landing page quality score to refresh when you add new landing pages?

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Re: Landing page quality score refresh when you add new landing pages

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Hi there,


Thanks for your post!


According to this article:, The AdWords system visits and evaluates landing pages on a regular basis. If you've made significant changes to improve your landing page experience, it could lead to higher ad quality (and higher Ad Rank) over time. You might not see an immediate impact, but you may see results within days or weeks.


Unfortunately I don't think there is a specific time frame, as it will be different for every advertiser (depending on the volume of traffic the ads generate). 


There are some interesting and helpful threads about landing page experience if you search the Community in the search bar above. I'd also recommend taking a look at your keywords to ensure they are highly relevant to your landing pages. Apart from that, it sounds like you're making all the right changes and you should see an improvement in performance shortly.


Does anyone else on the Community have any suggestions? 


Hope this helps! 



Re: Landing page quality score refresh when you add new landing pages

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In addition to @RachelM's reply and searching the community for "landing page experience",   I would also try a different approach;

Since CTR is the major component of QS -  focus on your CTR to improve QS. I would leave, at this point,   the "landing page experience ".



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Re: Landing page quality score refresh when you add new landing pages

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

When you made the Landing page changes in Adwords ad groups did you:

a) Edit the old ads with the New URL's
b) Make new Ads with the new landing page URL's ( and/or Pause the old ads with old landing page?

The reason I ask, is because of account history. Anytime a new ad is put into place, the system with Review and evaluate initially.

If those new landing pages utilize good onsite SEO and incorporate your keyword terms, have good content themed towards your keywords, are mobile ready, good site speed, and even some Data Rich snippets, you can see vast improvements in quality landing page scores.

But if the landing page, still has no Mobile presence/ rendering and a low Site Speed score you may not see a bump in landing page quality, unless there is tons of new themed content. is a good resources as well to learn about landing pages and conversion.

Hope that helps

Eric G