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Landing page experience

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Hey There, 


How do you improve landing page experience? And is landing page experience directly correlated with ctr?




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February 2017

Landing page experience

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CTR (click thru ratio) is the ratio of clicks vs the number of impressions; so it is a measure of how strong the interest is on your ad (click thru rate).  That happens before a visitor arrives on your landing page and has a "landing page experience". 


Here's a Google article which summarizes landing page experience for AdWords:


hth and let us know if you have other followup questions.

Landing page experience

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Hi Ami,

In a word, no. It's one of the big mysteries of AdWords. It includes navigation, page load time, mobile friendly, and other things I don't know about. If you have a high bounce rate, try to figure out why. It's a little screwy in that the same landing page can have a different score for different keywords. It has nothing to do with the appearance of keywords on the page.

That's all I know. Maybe others with chime in with better answers.


Best of Luck!




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Landing page experience

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سلام گوگل 

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