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Landing page experience below average

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I have a new account for a franchise location, with some quality scores that are 4, 5 and 6.  Each of these keywords indicate a landing page experience that is "below average."  I have another account for a different franchise location that is very similar, with quality scores for those same keywords of 7, 8 and 9.  The landing pages are very similar (with some differences because each franchise location runs their business a little bit differently).  I am trying to figure out why the quality score for landing page experience are significantly different, despite many other aspects being very similar. 


I'm not sure the best way to begin troubleshooting this issue, especially since it almost seems random when/how Google is assigning their landing page experience scores. The descriptions of what can cause an issue for landing page experience are so vague, it is difficult to know where to start.  Can anyone offer help or advise?  Or even a specific list of items that can/should be checked?

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Re: Landing page experience below average

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Hi Ashley,

Are you able to provide the two landing pages, and maybe one or two keywords that they both use but receive different quality scores?

Here are some other thoughts:
1) How similar is the text of the landing pages if you run them through Copyscape? In other words, if the landing page that was created is very similar to the first one in terms of content, then it could be considered duplicate (unoriginal) content, and therefore impacting the experience score.

2) You may want to check if there is a difference in loading times. If the second page loads much more slowly, that could be the reason for the low experience score.

3) Are the websites very different? In other words, if the landing pages are very similar but their respective websites are different, then it could be the navigation of the second site that is more confusing.

Hope this helps. Please feel free to post any follow up notes/questions and we'll do our best to help you figure this out Smiley Happy

Re: Landing page experience below average

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Hello @Ashley B;

I tend to agree with your argument. Since Google does not disclose its method of  grading landing pages (for AdWords QS), my advice is  to focus on the keywords performance (i.e. CTR), rather than  trying to figure "what is wrong with this page". But that is  under the assumption   that the basic guidelines for a good, appealing and converting landing page are followed. I have found that the notion of "above or below average" in  reference  to a "landing page  quality" is quite vague... Smiley Surprised

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