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Landing page experience. How is it measured by Google

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I would like to know what elements are taken in consideration in order to "measure" the landing page experience. Is there a list of elements??


My second question is: Imaging there are two different companies that offer the the same product. The first company has a landing page with a form to be filled up...and the conversion tracking code is inserted in a thank you it is easy to track the performance of this campaign and landig page.


The second company has a landing page showing just a phone the conversion cannot be tracked by it?..


How could google  decide which one has / offer a better user experience...which one is performing better

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Re: Landing page experience. How is it measured by Google

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The first thing Google takes into account when measuring the landing page quality is the relevance. Your landing page should be directly relevant to your ad text and keywords. Your destination URL should lead the searchers to a page on your site that answers their question.
If you are unsure what Google thinks about you landing page, you can enter your landing page URL in the keyword planner which will crawl the page attempting to decipher what keywords describe the content and then suggest keywords based what it finds. Examine the keywords if they are similar to the keywords in your ad group so your landing page is fine.

User engagement with the landing page can signal to Google whether your landing page experience is poor or good. Your landing page can have an unique content but the searchers find it hard to find the information they are looking for, so they're more likely to give up and leave your website. So, make sure people can easily find the information.

Your landing page loading time, the speed at which your landing page loads for the user is a factor in determining the landing page experience. Make sure your landing page loads quickly once someone clicks on your ad, whether on a desktop or mobile device.

Transparency , being transparent with your offers and business information goes along way toward meeting Google's editorial guidelines and landing page quality and it often increases your conversion rate.

Please read this article for more info about landing page experience:

Re: Landing page experience. How is it measured by Google

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Hi Adstk,

To answer your first question, landing page experience is calculated in terms of relevance to the ad, ease of finding the required information or product and navigate to complete a conversion. Lets say a user clicks on a mobile phone ad that leads to a page with all mobile phones. He is then required to find the right phone, click on it and buy it, which is not a good landing page experience. Instead, having the exact page containing the specific phone would help reduce navigation and increase chances of a conversion.

Coming to your second question, it really depends on what objective the campaign has. If the motive is to drive phone calls to a number, a contact form or a thank you page isn't required and not having it wouldn't make a difference to the landing page experience. However, if the motive is to track actions like requesting a quote or downloading a booklet, it would make perfect sense to have that feature in the landing page that rather than a phone number. For a good landing page experience, page should be the most relevant one among other pages of the website and should reflect the campaign's objective like driving phone calls or contact form conversions.
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Re: Landing page experience. How is it measured by Google

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Adding on to the Great Answers supplied already.

"conversion tracking" is NOT an element of Landing page experience.
Performance of sales, conversions are not an element of "Landing Page Experience" that are measured. While it is extremely important to advertisers it is not relevant to the Quality Score and Ad Rank of your Ad's. Google brings the traffic, Google will also utilize your data to help optimize for conversions ( based upon the parameters you set as a conversion), but that is separate from landing pages,)

Also Google has just announced or released the ability to Track Phone Conversions on site.
More here

As the others have stated it about the "relevance" of the Ad, keywords and page you are presenting them. Along with Navigation, Site speed, and user experience.

@Ahmed Ali gave you a great tips to Follow.

Re: Landing page experience. How is it measured by Google

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I am running ads for my company. I am not driving the traffic to my website,
I have made landing pages through a tool called unbounce & hosted on my company's domain.
I want to know how can google bots enter third party tool's landing page & rate it on the mentioned parameters ????