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Landing page QS - which URL does Google crawl if I use Custom parameters?

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Let's say I have a campaign with 2 keywords:


"iphone 6s"

"iphone 6 s".


I want to get highest QS possible.


The less wise option I guess is to create a separate campaign or ad group for each keyword (imagine I have 100 keywords) with different ads and different landing pages.


The wiser option I guess is this - 


In the ad itself, I can use {KeyWord} so that it will automatically include the keyword, right?


What about landing page?


If my URL is, and uses only the keyword "iphone 6s", then my QS for keyword "iphone 6 s" will probably be lower.


Therefore, I can think about 2 options:


1. Add tracking template:





2. Change final url of keyword "iphone 6 s" to url: 6 s


And the page will "inject" the value of word (iphone 6 s) into the page, instead of any place where it is originally iphone 6s.


Obviosully #1 is easier to implement than #2 as it doesn't require keyword specific intervention.


But for this to work, Google needs to actually crawl the page including the "word" parameter.


So - in which out of these 2 options, Google will indeed crawl the page "per keyword" (so that if I have 100 keywords, google will crawl 100 versions of the page, and calculate the QS per each keyword based on different page content), so that my QS will be higher?


are there other, smarter options? 



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Re: Landing page QS - which URL does Google crawl if I use Custom parameters?

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Hi @Jay S,

From my experience, I have not seen 'iphone 6s' and 'iphone 6 s' on the landing page have so much of an impact on Quality Score. Google is able to understand that these 2 words a super close variants and hence creating separate pages doesnt seem like an idea that will have enough impact. This is just what I think personally.

Since you are currently targeting the 2 words on the "6s"page, would you be able to post the QS for both the keywords & the break up for the 3 elements - expected CTR, Ad relevance, LP experience?


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Landing page QS - which URL does Google crawl if I use Custom parameters?

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iPhone is just an example. it might as well be "red balloon" and "blue balloon"

My question is technical and theoretical, I don't have any relevant QS data.


So again - Which page does the Google Ads bot actually crawl, when I use a keyword specific final ur, or a tracking template?