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Landing Page Tweaking To Improve Quality Score

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I always organise my campaigns around tight themes and try to aim for a quality score of 7 and above.


I make custom landing pages for every ad group to make sure the quality score keeps above 7.


There is always a few ad groups where I can't seem to improve the quality score no matter how much I bid, tweak the landing page or keywords in the group.


Does anyone have any optimization tips for landing pages with quality score in mind? Is it just the same type of characteristics as you would use for SEO. For example Meta Tags and relevant content/products?




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September 2015

Re: Landing Page Tweaking To Improve Quality Score

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Hi Tim,


As you may understand, Quality Score has a lot more to it than just landing page design and content (CTR and History being two of the bigger factors).  I would suggest that before you continue to work on the landing page as your focus to improving QS, check the status bubble (keyword diagnosis) next to your keywords.  If you do not have a 'below average' rating for your landing page, your landing page is not hurting your QS and therefore would technically not be able to improve upon your QS.  I would suggest that your optimization focus be driven by the most important metrics in your account (according to your goals).  QS 7 may not always be achievable for you or anyone for that matter. 


Just a couple thoughts.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Landing Page Tweaking To Improve Quality Score

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QS 7 is fine. You really only need to worry about low QS scores. Better to focus on metrics like conversion rates and CTRs if the QS is fine.

Re: Landing Page Tweaking To Improve Quality Score

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Thanks thats great I didn't know you could drill down.


Yeah I meant for all the ones below QS7.


I will see how it goes.