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Landing Page Quality and Quality Score

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I'm getting some very inconsistent Quality Score and Landing Page Quality results for what seem to me to be very similar pages.  Here's an example:


Keyword:  [oxford tourist information]


Result:  Quality Score 10/10  Landing Page:  Average


Keyword:  [cambridge tourist information]


Result:  Quality Score 4/10   Landing Page:  Below Average


The landing pages look pretty similar to me - if anything I'd say the Cambridge one is slightly better.  (I realise that quality score consists of more than just landing page quality - but the wording of the ads is identical apart from the town name).


Can anyone tell me what I'm missing?  Why does Google consider the Oxford page to be higher quality than the Cambridge one?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Landing Page Quality and Quality Score

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Hello and welcome,


There are certain guidelines which have to be followed in terms of Landing Page which you are using inside Adwords. Few includes that your content should be unique and relevant to what users are looking for online. You can find more details in this article:


Your quality score depends upon many factors which includes CTR, relevancy etc... Combining all the metrics gives you a number which can vary from 0 to 10. You can find more details about the Quality Score in this reference:


If the Quality Score is low, try to work on the CTR and relevancy. Also make sure that the landing page is also in accordance with Google's guidelines. The combined effort will surely improve your Quality Score but it is a gradual process and you will not be able to witness it fast. So work on these parameters and then see if it can create some impact or not.


I would also suggest you to try and experiment different landing page variations with some good call to actions and see what happens.


Best of Luck!


Re: Landing Page Quality and Quality Score

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Hello there;

In addition to Pankaj's guidelines, remember the major and most significant component / factor of QS is CTR.

So, if the Cambridge page has a higher CTR than the Oxford's one, the QS will be higher (significantly)


PS: As a great fan of those two university towns, I would recommend to redesign the page. Too much text for the "average" tourist to read. Fonts are small, the page is not designed for today's 22" widescreen displays...Make it more welcoming; add pictures/ images and videos, divide into sub categories...consult a web-designer...



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Landing Page Quality and Quality Score

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>> I'm getting some very inconsistent Quality Score and Landing Page Quality results for what seem to me to be very similar pages.


One must remember as been pointed out that QS is the quality of many components, many factors. Major factors among others are click rate and landing page quality. All the factors are rolled into one number called QS. All are distinct and all can change.


In this case looking at the landing pages, I'm going with the lowest denominator. My guess is that your Oxford landing page will show the same landing page quality score before long as well as the overall QS. Main reason in my opinion: too many ads.


Also as pointed out by other contributors, your QS is different because your CTRs, the biggest factor being considered, are likely very different and being compared to different baselines (they are different keywords). Your ads may be different too and even if similar, there's no guarantee that they would have the same effect on searchers.


The landing page quality portion has little to do with the way they look, which is subjective. It's more about following guidelines and my opinion is that you fall short on that. That's why your QS, in part, is only 4 and the other will probably follow. Remove most of the ads and see what happens. Then work on improving CTRs by testing different ads.

Re: Landing Page Quality and Quality Score

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Thanks for the feedback and ideas everyone - much appreciated.


I agree the ads can be a bit "in your face" - and we're looking at a new design.


Unfortunately I think there's more to it than that - here's another landing page from a recent campaign that Adwords thinks is "Below Average" quality for the term [things to do at easter].  As you can see - we removed the main in-content ad block from that page - but it's still considered "below average" quality.


Do you think that still has too many ads?  Or is there another problem?


I appreciate the feedback as it will help to make our next design better.

Re: Landing Page Quality and Quality Score

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One landing page is rated average while the other fairly similar is rated below average. Why such a discrepancy?


I know sometimes AdWords may take some time before it gets around to evaluating landig page. It may be that the below average page has been evaluated while the average page has not?


My hunch would be to redesign the landing pages. Check out this user submitted Optimising Landing Pages article