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Landing Page / Quality Score Questions

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I'm seeing this ad, over and over. Aside from paying top dollar for top of page placement, how is this landing page passing Google Adwords landing page experience? I would think this page is get horrible Quality score, yet it gets top page positioning for nearly every search term i am targeting.


Any insight would be great. 



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Re: Landing Page / Quality Score Questions

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Actually, this landing page you've shared is done by the book.... as following:_

1) The design of the page is really simple, professional, easy to navigate and has relevant color scheme.

2) The content of the page is original and relevant to each other ( as you see the the URL, Page title, header and the paragraph are relevant to each others and I am sure that the content will be relevant to the ad and the keywords as well)

3) The page has bullet point that makes it easy for the customer to understand.

4)The page has trust icons (Truste certified privacy, verisign secured) give the page more authority and it will also be trusted by more users.

5) The page has clear call to action (above the fold)

6) the page doesn't has any distracting links contain any irrelevant content.

I would recommend you to go through the next article to understand more about landing page experience:

Re: Landing Page / Quality Score Questions

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Hi Jonathon,


If you are judging the competitors Ad's position with this Landing page experience only. This is wrong!


Landing page experience is only one component of the Quality Score. There is other factors that also define Quality score and Ad Rank. So instead of the finding competitors landing page experience, you should to think, how to increase Quality score and Ad Rank. Please Follow the below link to read more about Quality Score and Ad Rank.


--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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