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I'm helping a client who had very poor landing pages (basically a list of folks with a certain item from their directory). I added more to landing page and it's still below average. Any tips? I'm kind of new to the landing page aspect and what qualifies for quality.


EG for keywords reclaimed floor  /  wood floor / bamboo flooring


Maybe I need to taylor page more? Add more to it? It's information/ selling points then a link to directory.


Thanks for any ideas!

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Re: Landing Page Help

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Hello there;

Although you have (probably) put time and efforts editing this landing page; Iwould revise it again;


My suggestions / ideas:

  • This landing page is too "packed". Too much information; (i.e. Hard to read)  fonts are too small;
  • Simplify it; use bullets; separate the "technical specs" from the "general overview". (Have the technical details on a separate tab).
  • Use bigger pics, "striking" pics.
  • Too many items on your "drop down menu"- consolidate them into not more than ten categories; In some of the categories,  pictures are missing; (If you have many categories set a separate landing page for each).



A side note, from my other business of engnireenig project management: LEED accepts only FSC certificate for wood; If the client has one, have the FSC logo on the "general overview" page.

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Re: Landing Page Help

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i will suggest to

1) add keywords to the landing page reclaimed floor / wood floor / bamboo flooring

2) Improve layout of pages

3) ADD relevant Images to that of floorings..

4) Highlight Contact Address

5 ) Increase Font Size

6) Make Content interestng to read

Re: Landing Page Help

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Hi Colin,

I have some suggestions to add to the list.

1) Yeah, the page really looks cluttered and disturbed. I suggest you create a page with precise marketing message and clear content positioning.
2) You really need to have a balance between content and images when it comes to landing page. Use images and content in such a way that they compliment each other.
3) I suggest you filter out the content to make it precise.
4) Remove unwanted images from the page.
5) Have a simple form wherein it would be easier for customers to get in touch with you.
6) Do not let your content go 'below the fold' so people can read it easily.
7) Make your landing page identical or similar to your ad.

I guess this would help you get better results.

Thank you.

Re: Landing Page Help

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Ok. Following the advice of the others above - I'd work out why someone wants your kind of flooring. Tailor your page to the person reading it, speak to them as if you were answering them on the phone - believe me, it usually works a treat. (If it's your friend/client, have a chat with them, follow that style).

Clear away all the unnecessary clutter - just have a simple page with practically no other links save to the one thing you want them to know, and what you'd like them to do. Possibly a link to a newsletter too.

And that's it.

Nothing else, just text and a few images to settle them in for a nice read.

Re: Landing Page Help

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This all is helpful. I can't directly make changes, so have to wait for the client.