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Landing Page Experience Evaluation

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Hello All,


This is the landing page ( am using to run an Adwords campaign. I need some expertise suggestions to optimize the landing page to improve the conversions also the quality score of the Keywords.


Thanks in Advance.

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July 2016

Re: Landing Page Experience Evaluation

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Hi Binesh,


I have gone through your landing page it is too long and more exist points. I will suggest following points for your landing page.


Please find attached on screenshot of landing page which will help you to create more attractive landing page. -


  • Use Killer Headline in your landing page.
  • Use Enquiry Form (Contact, Registration, etc.) on above the fold on the landing page.
  • Use meaningful graphics on the landing for describe your services. You can also highlight your services in textual information.
  • Your key information and Calls to Action (CTA) are positioned above-the-fold in the landing page.
  • Remove menu options from the landing page
  • You can use if there is any offer from your side and always remember consumers hate seeing out-of-date offers. So Always udpate your offer or remove if offer expire.
  • Use existing clients logo
  • Use testimonials at bottom of the landing page


I hope this will help you.




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Re: Landing Page Experience Evaluation

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Hey Binesh,

Without even having to take a look at your landing page I can tell you there are 2 central issues you need to focus on when optimizing your landing pages for AdWords:
#1 Loading Time / User Interface & Experience
#2 Keyword Relevancy

I used Google Page Speed Test ( to look at your landing page and overall ... it looks fine - although there are some minor modifications you can make. For more information on User Experience read this article:

The main issue is almost certainly your keyword relevancy. While your landing page may include the keywords you're targeting they're almost certainly not in your H1 & H2 headers.

For top performing keywords I recommend you duplicate your landing page and modify it to focus more on the keyword you're targeting, especially in the H1 & H2 headers.

Joshua, Rising Star
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Re: Landing Page Experience Evaluation

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Thanks for your suggestions I will implement all your suggestions

Re: Landing Page Experience Evaluation

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Thank you so much for your valuable suggestions.