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Landing Page - Below average relevance

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The QS field says that my landing page is "below average"

and I cannot figure out why.


My landing page is:


My keywords are:

"metal stamping"
"custom metal stamping"
"metal stampings"
"custom stamping"
"stainless steel stamping"
"precision metal stamping"
"precision metal stampings"
"aluminum stamping"
"automotive stamping"
"production metal stamping"
"aluminium stamping"
"stainless steel deep drawing"
"progressive die and stamping"
+metal +stamper
+metal +stamping


My ads are:


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Re: Landing Page - Below average relevance

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Hi Roy,

I did a few quick skims of the home page and, although I saw "custom metal stamping", I didn't see any use of many of the other keywords. Is that the exact page you are sending searches to? Based upon the specificity of the services that you offer, my guess is that Google isn't able to make strong contextual associations between your keywords. What I mean is that, when Google sees the keyword "automotive stamping" and then sees "metal stamping" on the landing page, it may not consider the two to be related. I navigated also to the Automotive page but it really didn't mention the keyword "Automotive Stamping", either. Typically, I'm not one for "keyword stuffing" and that's not what I'm suggesting - you should still write high quality content - but I think because this is a niche service, you should try to include more keywords on the page.

I would consider separating your keywords into separate ad groups such as:
Metal Stamping
Aluminum Stamping
Automotive Stamping
Progressive Die and Stamping
Stainless Steel Stamping
Precision Stamping
Custom Stamping

You could then write ads that were specific to each of those ad groups, as opposed to writing ads to try to encompass all of the keywords with just one ad. You could also consider creating separate landing pages specific to each of those services.

How are your conversion rates? As a general rule of thumb, relevance is very important but conversion rate is king when it comes to landing pages. If you have development resources, I'd put a little effort into improving quality score but really put emphasis on conversion testing.

Re: Landing Page - Below average relevance

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Apart from working on the keywords themselves, and on match types (it seems that there is much work to do, as Amy pointed out), looking at the landing page from a perspective of an engineer, I would work to redesign and revamp this page.

Even for me -  a professional engineer with over 25 years of (mechanical) engineering experience  - this landing page is "too compact", hard to navigate, and its main goal is to provide as much information as possible rather to convert.

Now, I do understand that information is a key when dosing a research for an engineering service. But on your landing page - it's too much.

I would hire a web designer and redesign the layout and content of this page.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Landing Page - Below average relevance

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I agree with @MosheTLV . This landing page needs a revamp. When your aim is conversion, there should be lesser or no deviations. To me, an ideal landing page is the one that remains focused to its aim - the conversion.


The information in Table can be minimized, and the repetition of 'past project' can be removed. CTA can be placed towards the bottom of the page as well. A contact form can be even better.


Hope it helps. 




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