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Landing Page Bellow Average

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I have a landing page that sells tough boxes and all my keywords are broad match plus they include tough box/es in them. The landing page is fully optimized for tough boxes with all product names starting with those therms and H tags including them as well. My LP experience for QS was bellow average for most of my keywords and then I tried adding space boxes as a synonym. Now I get a higher LP experience ( average ) and consequently a higher QS for space boxes - I only have space boxes in the short content bellow the products but that doesn't explain it as I also have tough boxes as an opening line for that short product description. 

I really don't understand how Google does not recognize that my page is optimized for tough boxes, and gives space boxes a better QS?

Can someone explain this to me?


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Re: Landing Page Bellow Average

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Hey Vane,

Welcome to Adwords Community.
Google measures the LP experience based on the customers experience who click your ad and land on your Specified landing page. Google considers too many factors while Evaluate the LP experience such as:
Is your landing page related to your keyword and what customers are searching for?
Is your landing page clear & useful to customers?

As you said, You got Average Experience after adding some space boxes as a synonym. May be after adding some space LP having better visibility of product and text.

This is just my thoughts . Let's wait till our top contributors and raising stars put their inputs on this.

Re: Landing Page Bellow Average

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Hi Vane,


Please be informed that frequently using keywords in all important places, including those hefty header tags, or keywords in Meta Description and in Title tags are not the ways you should optimize your landing pages for AdWords.


AdWords' robust system weighs overall experience that users get on your pages. Trust me, the generic SEO techniques do not work with PPC, especially with AdWords. 


You should spend sometime learning what all add up to make better landing pages experience. I would suggest you to go through the following articles :


Understanding landing page experience
Optimising Landing Pages for AdWords Conversions



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Re: Landing Page Bellow Average

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Well...It is hard to reply without seeing the page... Smiley Surprised

However, the issue here is that you use technical methods / SEO techniques trying to influence / affect  the system, instead of building / designing a landing page  attractive  to   (human) users (based on their search).


Write / design an attractive landing page,   with added value users. Forget about the bot. Google has the tools to grade a webpage designed for human users. 

I would also consider revising the keywords. Broad match keywords "tend" to drive traffic not necessarily relevant  to the products offered.

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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