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Lack of impressions when 'search network only' option chosen.

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I have a long running campaign for my website . I've worked hard to get good quality scores for my keywords (10 of them have a 10/10 quality score). I've set up manual bidding with bids that target the first page, I have either phrase match or exact match keywords (68 in all) that are closely related to my website and link through to relevant pages, I've upped my budget, got rid of low quality keywords, put in ad extentions that link through to my merchant account - all to no avail and the campaign never reaches its daily spend and gets very few clicks due to lack of impressions Smiley Sad


I use the 'search network' only option. I have tried the 'search and display' option and although I get a lot more impressions and cheaper clicks, it brings no business because my ads are displayed on a whole load of junk sites - and that's even after I've targeted my ads via the auto targets tab to keywords related to my business!


I can't help feeling that Google deliberately make it harder to get hits via the 'search only' option...driving people onto the display network in desperation! They are so particular about site quality for their search network and yet when it comes to their ad services, we're not getting good value for money.


Any help or enlightenment on the dark art of Google adword optimisation would be most welcome!


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Re: Lack of impressions when 'search network only' option chosen.

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There is the possibilty that your keywords are too niche. In order to gain more clicks try to use something slightly more general. I suggest try using a modified broad keyword then view your search word results to see what keyword people used to find you. This can give you new keyword ideas which you might have missed in the past.

Re: Lack of impressions when 'search network only' option chosen.

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David is on the right track with adding broad match modified keywords.  Use them with lower bids to help test what other search is available.


Other points to check would be:


Impression share - make sure your chosen keywords are getting full visibility.  Just because you can see average position 4 does not mean they always appear there.  I like to have accelerated setting to display all of my leywords as quickly as possible, rather than show evenly.  Worth double checking this.


CTR - when the market size is small, rather than just adding new keywords intensively test new ad copy.  Getting your CTR from 2% to 6% effectively will triple traffic from same search.


Dynamic Search Ads - could be worth testing for small portion of budget with low bids.  This will display for search terms that match with your content.  You can check through for MSQ to hopefully find some new threads of search.  I have seen this campaign work effectively with some clients.


Re: Lack of impressions when 'search network only' option chosen.

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Hi Chris, you've had some good advice already, I'll just add some thoughts on the whole Search vs Display issue you've raised.


Search and Display are really two entirely different beasts and despite there being a setting that allows it, you should never run a Campaign that shows Ads on the Search and Display networks at the same time.  The difference between the two is all about intent.  Search is much more useful to an advertiser where the potential customers are actively seeking their product or service, for example where someone uses Google to search for a watch, a washing machine, a plumber, etc.  Display tends to be much more useful for "brand awareness" and in situations where the product or service being offered is more "casual" and perhaps not something being actively sought.  For example, you might use Display ads for a taxi service, placing them on hotel web sites, or if you were a car spares supplier placing them on a motor enthusiasts site.


Google certainly doesn't make it harder to get hits via the Search network. It's better really to think of this as Search being a more precise tool.  Once you understand that Search and Display are really two different forms of advertising, it doesn't make sense to consider switching between them.  There are products and services for which Search and Display can both be useful and, of course, you can have a "provision" based campaign on Search that focuses on selling product and have a brand-awareness type campaign on Display that focuses on increasing public knowledge of the brand and these can run at the same time.  But it doesn't really make sense to switch from Search to Display and back again for the same purpose.


Does this help?



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Re: Lack of impressions when 'search network only' option chosen.

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Hi Jason


Thanks for the advice - I'll try the accelerated option and see what happens. How do I set up the dynamic search ads?



Re: Lack of impressions when 'search network only' option chosen.

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Hi Chris,

Need to set up another campaign. Select Search network only - then look
for dynamic search ads.

I like using small bids just to see whats out there. Also look for
"keyword detail" to find any new threads that might come through.

Good luck

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