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Label of "Low Searches" with 82 impressions in 1 week.

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Hi everyone,

as I just said in the title, I am having diagnoses of Keywords that I dont understand. This one specific KW has 82 impressions in 1 week with a CTR of over 6%. Still, the diagnose tells me that ads are not being shown because of low search volume, the QS is 1/10 and CTR, ad relevance and landing page scores are below expectations. 

I would be very thankful if someone could explain why this happens and how I can solve the issue.

Thanks a lot!!




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January 2016

Re: Label of "Low Searches" with 82 impressions in 1 week.

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Hi Arturo,

The numbers are dynamic and can change through the day or week. The message for "Low Search Volume" also says if more people search for this phrase your ad could be shown. 82 impressions isn't very many, you need roughly 1000 impressions before the performance within your account affects the QS.

First question, how's the conversion rate on that keyword? If it's good, I'd keep it around for a while.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Label of "Low Searches" with 82 impressions in 1 week.

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Hi Arturo,

CTR is the most important factor that affects the Quality score.
The keywords with status as "low search volume" are those which are not searched by the users and are treated as inactive in the account but whenever there is any search for such keywords these get active and work like another keywords.

As mentioned by @petebardo, there must need a good amount of traffic to get the performance affected in terms of QS.(majorly Expected CTR)
Though you can try Split testing with the adcopies to increase the ad relevance.

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