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Hi Guys,


 i run a small plumbing business and am currently working on my mini websites that target specific areas of the city. 


i would like some feedback on my new landing page design and possible improvements that can be made. i am hoping to gather some information that will help me increase my ranking, quality score and user experience for call to action.


please see link below to my site


also here is a link to one of my competitors that seems to occupy first position continuously.


any feedback would be greatly appreciated





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Top Contributor

Hi Admin;

My view : both are not great, but your competitor's is better;
On your competitor's : The font is too small, but the services are clear, promotion is clearly marked and "contact us" is clearly by positioned on the page.
Yours, in simple words, is too long (I had to scroll down on a 27" display...  What for?) and hard to navigate...

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Badged Google Partner
# 3
Badged Google Partner
First some Site issues:

1) You have two conflicting Analytics Accounts running that will more then likely cause issues.

2) I am Spam|This is Spam| Spam Like This| --

SO with those fixed:

1) As MosheTVL point out, there is some spacing issues.
You have good calls to action, but your first true content is below the fold.
You might want to reduce the top header image, and move the Bullet points up higher.

You may want to add your actual Physical Address and Google My Business/ Places /Maps listing. Think about Schema Data as well for that address.


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Hi Admin
Common perspective on landing pages is that they should not be cluttered with too many distractions all over the page, both the pages you mentioned fail on this account, unfortunately. You competitors page is marginally ahead on this aspect.

2. The text is too much on both landing pages. You are not using the space above the fold optimally. Ideally I would look to convey my message briefly but strongly and included a strong call to action above the fold too.

One rule you can follow if possible is show one type of service in one landing page (specially if you are running Adwords/paid campaigns), that way you will not chase your visitors confused and they are more likely to respond to your call to action.

3. Some people may not like to call right away, a form can be included on the page somewhere, though this point is optional

Good luck, hope this would help


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Top Contributor
There are also pages that add to SEO type content - to get you indexed - and then pages that are designed for SEM visitors, aimed at getting them to complete the desired action.

If you look at your headings - such as Clear job Pricing - Up Front .... as a potential customer I'm smart enough to know what that means - the rest of that paragraph is, frankly, just repeating the same information in the headline - why not use the headlines as bullet points and get it all there in the viewport above the fold? you want to leave this page on your site because it helps with the SEO - fine - no problem with that - but don't use this as an SEM landing page.

I think with plumbing there are also going to be two types of visitors - those planning a plumbing job - changing a kitchen or bathroom... and then those who need a plumber NOW!!! - because there is an emergency - and don't knock those, my grandfather was a plumber and met my grandmother when her mother had to call out an emergency plumber to unblock their toilet - not the most romantic of stories, but they were married forever!

These two types will search very differently and there should be a landing page for each - with a very different focus. You know what that will be.... and the landing page should meet the specific needs of each visitor type.


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I like the colors and the drop down sub-menus. I think your photo could be bigger and more clear. I like the check-mark logo, but it doesn't need to be all over your page. Savings coupons on the home page are great, but people will naturally feel compelled to contact you sooner if they see an expiration date. A map might help in the areas of service page. If you want to receive more prospective customers via your website, include a contact form on the contact page. It's an easy way for people to get in touch with you via email while they're busy at work or not in a rush to get the job done. It's also a opportunity for you to turn that contact into an in-home estimate.
Hope this helps!