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I'm getting the "Low Ad Rank" error, despite having a max CPC at 5x the first page bid estimate (not an exaggeration) and a 9/10 quality score. 


What is causing this error? I'm stumped.

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Re: Keywords

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Hi Andy,

Welcome to the Adwords Community!

Please do one thing, Create keywords relevant ads. Use most important keywords for creation new ads which is added in your account. Your ads should be relevant to your keywords and landing pages. After that see the result! Smiley Happy

Let me know for the same.


Re: Keywords

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Here's an example:

Keyword - "autism games"
The Ad - Autism/PDD Books and Games
The link takes you to a page filled with books and games about autism and/or for autistic children.

How much more relevant can I get?

Re: Keywords

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But add more new ads in your account. Use Desc line one and two, Each word with uppercase.
Below is the helpful link to "Tips for creating successful text ads"

Re: Keywords

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Hi Andy, this can sometimes be frustrating (I'm looking at something similar with a client right now). Here's some things to check.


Enable the Lost IS (Rank) column at the Campaign, Ad Group and Keyword level; this should help you spot exactly which Keywords are causing the problem.


Examine your data by hour of the day (Segment -> Time -> Hour of Day).  Look for fluctuations in Ad position during the day.  You should also check Day of the Week to look for similar variations.


What area are you targeting?  If it's a large region (e.g. the whole of the US) it's possible your Rank is OK in some States/Regions and not in others.  This can be trickier to track down by simple reporting so if you suspect this may be the case you may wish to split your Campaign(s) by region to make it easier to monitor these variations and apply bid adjustments.



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