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Keywords, url and ad relevance

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I need some help with the relevance between the keywords that are in the form of urls, ex:, etc and Ads.

I have above average expected ctr and landing page but below average ad relevance.

How can i formulate the ad so that the ad relevance will rise. And from the example above "abcde" is already included in the ads title.



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Re: Keywords, url and ad relevance

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The ad relevance will take into consideration all components of the ad copy, including the URL, but I wouldn't focus primarily on the URL. Without having all of the details it is difficult to tell why you would be receiving low ad relevance but here is the checklist I would use.

1.) Are my ad groups specific enough? You will want keywords from the ad group within the ads, whether it's the title, the display URL, in one of the description lines, or a combination of these. If your ad group is too broad the keywords within may not all appear in your ad copy and could lower the relevance.

2.) Are my keywords too broad? This may be very easy for you to answer but I find if keywords are on broad or broad match modifier the ad relevance is much harder to maintain.

3.) Keyword stuffing. You want to make sure regardless of the ad relevance that the ad copy makes sense for users with the keyword and a clear call to action. Make sure you are not over using keywords in the ad copy to try and improve the ad relevance, it won't work.

Ideally keywords from the ad group in the description or title along with the display URL should bring the relevance up, but it's much more important the ad copy works in regards to conversions and CTR than the rating it gets for ad relevance in my opinion.


Re: Keywords, url and ad relevance

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Thank you Brandon for that info but let me give you a detailed example:

I have the keyword: (QS is 8)
The AdCopy contains the Dis. URL:
The AdCopy title contains "test"

The Search Therms for the Keyword are:

www test com   (CTR ~45%) - majority of impressions
www tet com     (misspellings) - very few impressions

So the ad relevance is below average, any ideas?

Re: Keywords, url and ad relevance

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To be honest, I have never used a website URL as a keyword before so there could be a number of things causing the ad relevance to be low. Is the Display and Final URL for the ad If it is, it's quite possible that AdWords is giving you low ad relevance based on a keyword being an actual URL vs a keyword. The only other thing I can think of is that the variations of misspellings you have added as keywords could be causing this low relevance as well, AdWords automatically includes "close variants" or misspellings to trigger your keywords so adding "" is redundant and could be throwing of the relevance.

I do not have a concrete answer for this, but that's where I would make changes. Important to note that changes won't affect the ad relevance instantly.

Re: Keywords, url and ad relevance

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Hi Laurentiu C,

The appearance of your keyword in the ad does not have a direct effect on the QS. Ad copy relevance is based on the keyword/ad combined CTR. In Google's view, that indicates the relevance of the ad to the user. Appearance of the keyword in the ad could improve CTR, and that would improve the relevance.

I'd suggest you test different copy for the ad. Your URL is already in the display URL, so maybe describe your product/service a bit more instead of placing the URL in the headline or the copy. It's really a matter of improving CTR on the keyword/ad combination.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords