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Keywords status shows "not applicable"

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Hi Community Team,


In my campaigns, on search network in keywords tab I am seeing my keywords status like:


  • Expected clickthrough rate: Not applicable
  • Ad relevance: Not applicable
  • Landing page experience: Not applicable

What is meaning? What can I do?


My ads status also "We're only able to provide diagnosis information for keywords in campaigns that are opted in to the Search Network."

So Please help me on this ASAP. What can I do?




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September 2015

Re: Keywords status shows "not applicable"

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Hi Prasad,

What exactly is the purpose of the campaign that you are getting this notice on? The obvious thing to check would be to make sure that it is a search campaign of some variation if the keywords are meant for the SERP and not contextual keyword targeting on the display network

Hoe this helps

Re: Keywords status shows "not applicable"

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Thanks Clynton M