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Keywords not in use due to duplicate. Yet, I have no duplicates

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I have 9 ads in one campaign for our charity's new Furniture Warehouse using Google Ad Grants. I have created an ad for each page of our website eg: bedroom furniture, kitchen appliances, electrical items etc as advised on Google's own advice pages.


Yet I am constantly being told that I can't use a lot of my keywords as they are too similar to keywords in use. Non of my keywords are the same. Yet things such as, second hand bedroom furniture clashes with second hand living room furniture etc. and Kitchen appliances clashes too much with second hand electricals. How can I create ads for each page, advertising different products when the smallest of wording causes keywords to clash?


Please help!


Thanks!  Smiley Happy

Re: Keywords not in use due to duplicate. Yet, I have no duplicates

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Hello Becky,

Are you using the keywords in broad match or broad match modifier? If yes, then this might be the reason for duplication issue. Your keywords second hand bedroom furniture &
second hand living room furniture, both have the keyword furniture in it, hence its confusing google for which keyword to show your ads, due to which its showing the duplication error.

I would advise you to use the keywords in phrase match i.e. enter your keywords in quotation marks. For example " second hand living room furniture" and "second hand bedroom furniture".

Similarly, do the same thing with other sets of keywords.

I hope this will solve the issue.


Re: Keywords not in use due to duplicate. Yet, I have no duplicates

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Hi Becky,

This is an interesting question, and what Sayem says is correct, make sure you have your keywords on phrase if not exact match. Setting all your keywords to exact match will most likely solve your issue but this will effect your impressions/CTR etc...

What comes to my mind straight away when I read your question is how are structuring your account? Keywords could be clashing because you are keeping them all in the same ad group?

You say you have created an Ad for each page?

It would be a better idea to create either separate campaigns or ad groups for each of your pages/catagories. I.E.

Campaign: Bed Room Furniture
Ad Group: Text Ads Phrase Match - Second Hand
Example Keywords: "second hand bedroom furniture" "second hand furniture for bedroom"
Then create the Ad accordingly making sure to keep to best practice and include your keywords in your text ads where possible.

Remember you can create as many campaigns and ad groups as you want.

Please if you have any questions just let me know Smiley Happy

Re: Keywords not in use due to duplicate. Yet, I have no duplicates

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Many thanks for your advice both of you. I shall put these to action.
I am still a little confused as to why Kitchen appliances clashes too much with second hand electricals when they share no words. Hopefully your suggestions should help anyway.

One more question:
As a charity with a Google Grants profile the max bid per PPC we can apply is 2 dollars. Most of the ads say that they require a higher bid to get onto the front page. Is there anyway to solve this? We can't increase the bid (I already asked if it was possible to make it so that it was an average of 2 dollars PPC eg: one ad 1.50 another 2.50 with a negative response) and we can only display on Google Search.

Many thanks. Smiley Happy