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Keywords not allowing other keywords

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I'm a beginner and so for the start I put a general campaign with everything in a few ad groups. But based on best practices, I made a few changes:


I have the following ad group called "Exact" (examples for privacy reasons)


  • +hello +italy
  • [hello italy]

Automated bidding places the bids for this adgroup at: $3.67 default bid - QS being 8/10

But then I have the older, more general and more broader ad group that has:


  • hello italy people
  • why say hello italy
  • hello for italy
  • italy says hello
  • italy hello

Automated bidding places the bids for this adgroup at: $4.32 default bid - QS somewhere between 4-6



Problem is, I think I want the exact match adgroup to get as much traffic as possible because of high QS and high CTR. Except, the keywords are stopping each other because someone else is triggering something else and I'm losing my mind. I want more impressions and instead of having the broad match keywords doing all sorts of damage, I'd like the "Exact" adgroup to take over.


Another issue is the [hello italy] keyword in the exact adgroup says "This keyword is triggering other ads with a similar keyword: baby come travel" from Adgroup "Totally Different Keywords".


Disclaimer: All keywords listed are fakes to protect privacy but are meant to communicate the point

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Re: Keywords not allowing other keywords

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Oh PS: Recently, I did this "analysis", where I saw the keyword that's trumping the QS/CTR and pausing the lower stat keywords. My account performance dropped even though there weren't too many clicks.

I'm scared to just pause these keywords if the impressions are not going to come into this broad modifier + exact keyword adgroups such as the "Exact" adgroup mentioned above. Basically, creating these new adgroups to get back what I lost but this keywords fighting with each other (and some cases unrelated keywords fighting with each other) is causing some grief. 


Really badly want to "restructure" the campaign if that's what the problem is but I don't want to lose all the traffic that I'm currently getting Smiley Sad

Re: Keywords not allowing other keywords

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Good morning.


First, the way to "force" the system to trigger the ads for your Exact match keywords instead of other keywords is by using negative keywords.


Second, the Ad Group you are calling Exact actually has both exact match and modified broad match keywords. Keywords that have the + sign are Modified Broad Match keywords.


Your Ad Groups should be structured this way:


#1 - Ad Group Exact

[hello italy]

[hello italy people]

[why say hello italy]

[hello for italy]

[italy says hello]

[italy hello]


#2 - Ad Group Broad

+hello +italy +people

+why +say +hello +italy

+hello +for +italy

+italy +says +hello

+italy +hello

hello italy people

why say hello italy

hello for italy

italy says hello

italy hello


Once you have your keywords segmented by match type, what you want is for your Exact match keywords to serve that traffic. So you add the Exact match of each keyword from Ad Group #1 as a negative keyword to Ad Group #2. That way, Ad Group #2 wlll not be able to serve the Exact match traffic and it will be funneled to Ad Group #1.


Although I would not personally use all the variations of Exact match, Modified Broad Match, and simple Broad match, this kind of structure will allow you to funnel your ads more accurately. 


If you have more questions, please do ask!

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Re: Keywords not allowing other keywords

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Thank you kindly for replying to my problem.
I see what you're saying, and I guess I will have only 1-2 exact match variations and the rest of them can be funnelled in the BMM adgroup to take in the ones that I've missed. In future, I'd run a SQR on the BMM adgroup to find any gems to be used as exact match.

Does that sound about right to you?

Re: Keywords not allowing other keywords

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Hey Mark,


Something else to possibly think about is creating your match types by campaign rather than Ad Groups. This would require a slight restructure however there are a list of benefits that can come with this setup. The most prevalent is that you'll obtain all the same negative functionality as within your ad group setup however you'll be able to better control spend and ensure that the better performing campaign is receiving the appropriate SOV.