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Keywords generating no impressions at all.

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Hi all, I'm glad to found this place. Hope you can give me some advice. 


So let's see briefly my situation and the question:

Topic: invoice excel app

Language: Germany

Area: Germany, Austira, Switzerland

Budget: daily 40-80 USD

Goal: generate leads 

Conversion: email + name given in a form then the user gets the excel

Landing page:

* We use 20-30 landing pages with different URL and Title / H1 content to match the ad group and keyword. The above one is an example.



We have 30-60 active campaigns with 20-30 adgroups in them. Each adgroup consits 2-5 keywords. Usually 2-5 word long keywords used in modified broad, phrase and exact match. Each campaign has a high enough daily budget set to never reach. 



I see the 50% of the campaigns generate 0 - that means exactly zero - impressions. I have checked:

- KW diagnostic tool

- KW preview tool

- Status of campaign, adgroup, ad

All of the above says the keywords are eligible (no low search volume) and should generate impressions. 

Do you have any clue why they don't get any impressions? What do I miss?


Thank you your attention and a double thank you if you have any answers.


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September 2015

Re: Keywords generating no impressions at all.

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When you run the preview tool, are you looking to see what Keyword and Adgroup triggered the ad?

You could have some conflicting keyword choices in which some ad group or campaigns are winning the auction over the others.

One way to get around that is to add negative keywords in some of the ad groups or campaigns to force the ad group or campaign you want the search to found.

One of the things you may want to check is your Impression Share for each keyword. Full details here:

This may help determine if that keyword topic is covered or you are losing out to competitors. if you are getting full impression shares for the topic, then some of your ad groups that are getting Zero impressions are losing out to your own other ad groups due to Ad Rank and QS. The main thing for you would be are you getting the Full Impression share for the "Main topic keywords" at a good CPC and making an ROI..

Hope that helps.