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Keywords and landing page issues

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Everyone knows relationship between adwords keywords score and landing page elements ,,,title, meta, description...


I recently are doing a case that arise my curiosity.


My client key word is long span shelving ....yes, Definitely, someone would search keywords, like ,,,,,metal shelving, steel shelving ,,,etc..


I put these key words on same group, and long  span shelving (which is also landing page title and meta tag ) got high score ,,,8.....


However,, metal ,, steel shelving,,,,Only 2.. 3...


Any one can solve my issues? and give me any guidance?


I could not make each keywords a landing page, right? and they are totally same meanings ......and customers search any of these keywords have same intent of shopping...



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Keywords and landing page issues

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Hi Xiaoxiang,


Good question!


There are three primary factors that go into Quality Score:


1. Expected CTR

2. Ad relevance

3. Landing page experience


When you hover over the speech bubbles in the Quality Score column for the low-QS keywords, you'll see whether you have below average, average, or above average ratings for these three factors. That will help you determine why those keywords have low Quality Scores.


If they have low landing page experience, you could definitely experiment with separate landing pages highlighting each keyword phrase.


If you have low ad relevance, you could experiment with separate ad groups for the keywords so that you can use the most relevant keyword phrase in the ad for each ad group.


I hope that helps!





Keywords and landing page issues

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Hi @Xiaoxiang M,


Firstly, Meta do not help to improve the QS element- Landing page experience.


The factors that impact Landing page experience includes:


Original and relevant content

Ease of navigation.

Transparency and trustworthiness.

Mobile friendly.

Page loading time.


If you further bifurcate your ad groups based on the common theme, the QS will get improved.

For example:

A separate ad group with metal theme keywords and likewise different ad groups with the theme of shelving types. Add more relevant keywords to each ad group based on the common theme.


Note: Use relevant landing pages for each ad group(if you have separate for each shelving type).




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Keywords and landing page issues

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"customers search any of these keywords have same intent of shopping"


That's the key. "Best practices" give beginning advertisers some idea of how AdWords works. But, what's best is what works best for you! If the end users are searching for 'metal shelving' over 'long span shelving', then regardless of any current KW QS, the terms that generate the most impressions and interest are the terms you should be targeting. If you ignore the highest search volume terms because of a low QS, then you aren't reaching your target market. 


Do you have Google analytics installed, and do you have some kind of value based goal strategy or ecommerce? If so, then the most valuable and high volume page in the behavior reports may be your best landing page for all your ads/KW's. Use that as a control, then experiment with "more relevant" final URL's, and compare the results. 


In the long run as you are looking to improve your content, always focus on what your customers are telling you they want, over any KW's QS. If they are interested in 'metal shelving', then make sure you mention that you have quality metal shelving products in your website content, mention that in the ad content, and eventually you may see an improvement in QS. If you just try and create duplicate or low value content to try and KW stuff using meta tags, you may actually hurt the overall website quality aspects of QS for the entire account. Fewer landing pages with higher quality content will produce better results than more pages with low quality content.