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Keywords Triggering Incorrect Advert in Adwords

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I have a relatively small account, with specific training courses being advertised.


My keywords all have specific landing pages associated with them.  They are grouped in particular Ad Groups.  The adverts in that group go to the same landing page.


I am using Broad Match - Quality Scores are all 6 - 10, the balance being 9.  


I have a number of negative keywords in each campaign/ad group to stop the blindingly obvious misdirects.


The adverts have the keywords in their text.


The landing pages are optimised for the keywords.


Can anybody please explain why in this situation, keywords trigger an ad in another campaign, leading to a click that lands on the wrong page and then generates a Bounce?  I've read about Ad Rank - but cannot understand why KW with specific text matched by an advert and page would trigger an ad in another campaign

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Re: Keywords Triggering Incorrect Advert in Adwords

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Hi Peter,


The possible reason I could think of could be the match type of your keywords i.e. Broad which you are using to trigger ads.


Hover mouse over the speech bubble of individual keyword and see what message does it shows? If it shows that same keyword is triggering ad from another ad group, that directly means that you will have either use embedded negative keywords or change the match types to synchronize the traffic flow.


I won't suggest you to use Broad match type excessively. Rather go for more specific match types like phrase, exact or may be Broad modifiers.


At the same time, try to use embedded negative match type keywords so that the traffic flow is controlled the way you actually want.


I hope this helps!


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Re: Keywords Triggering Incorrect Advert in Adwords

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Hi Peter,


I would suggest that if you have potential overlapping broad match keywords in separate ad groups, the probability of cross serving is pretty high. What you're noticing is a function of how broad match works, unfortunately. If you have the terms training, classes, courses broad match keywords within multiple ad groups, Google will not really grasp exactly which ads they should serve to your potential customers.


I think you nailed it when you mentioned the "obvious" negatives. The problem is that negative keywords do not act the same as keywords you're bidding on, they will not catch/eliminate all variations etc... With broad match keywords , there are so many possibilities for matching search queries, it becomes very tough to control ad serving and traffic within your account with negatives alone.


I would suggest potentially employing tighter match types on your keywords in some or all of your ad groups. As well, depending on your account structure, you may be able to make use of embedded negatives at the ad group level. If you can somehow group your training sessions/keywords in such a way that you can eliminate an entire ad group from serving with a single or couple of negative keywords, you may find better success.


While this may not be possible, here is a quick example illustrating my suggestions - I'm only using a couple of keywords to explain this proposed setup. At a minimum, I would suggest modified broad match although you can likely make use of Phrase and Exact Match as well.


Ad Group #1 - Microsoft Training
+Microsoft +Training +Classes
+Microsoft +Courses

"Microsoft Classes"


Ad Group #1 Broad Negative Keywords - Apple, Cisco


Ad Group #2 - Apple Training

+Apple +Training +Class
+Apple +Courses

"Apple Certification Class"


Ad Group #2 Broad Negative Keywords - Microsoft, Cisco


Ad group #3 - Cisco Training

+Cisco +Certification

+Cisco +Training +Courses

"Cisco Classes"


Ad Group #3 Broad Negative Keywords - Apple, Microsoft


As you can see, by ensuring that each keyword within a particular ad group includes a specific term/brand, I can direct traffic in my account through use of ad group level negative keywords.


You could also have a generic 'Training/Classes' ad group with non branded keywords (training courses, certification classes, etc...) and looking at the example above, you could use the branded terms as negatives in this 'generic' ad group.


Ad group #4 - General Training

+Certification +Classes

+Training +Courses

"Online Training Classes"


Ad Group #4 Broad Negative Keywords - Apple, Microsoft, Cisco


I'm blindly guessing here and have no idea if this will work for your account so I hope this helps...if you'd like to elaborate further, perhaps I, or someone else can make some additional suggestions that you may find helpful.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Keywords Triggering Incorrect Advert in Adwords

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