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Keywords Selection

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I have doubt in selecting keyword for my campaign-



1) "Hotel in goa" & "hotels in goa" both are considering same and are they conflict in same campaign???


2) "hotel in goa" & "hotel of goa" & "hotel at goa" are they same or different? if same do they conflict??


3) "hotels in goa" & "hotels in goa near beach" do they work same if yes , do they conflict??


4) "hotels in goa" & [hotels in goa]. do they conflict??


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Re: Keywords Selection

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Hi Swati,

1) Yes these will be considered as same as adwords considers the singular/plurals, stemming for the keyword in any match type so using both even in different campaigns will also conflict if the targeting geography is same for both the campaigns.

2) These will be treated as different keywords(for phrase and exact)

3) they can conflict conditionally. (will not conflict if the query is something like: "prices for hotels in goa")

4) will not conflict conditionally(if used in different adgroups and proper use of negatives)

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Re: Keywords Selection

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You do have to be careful on terms of what you mean when you say "conflict"...

Let's take your example 3... and let's assume that a person searches for "hotels in goa near beach" - clearly both keywords are eligible to trigger - but the more complete keyword - i.e. the one that fully matches the search term should (all other things being equal such as the bid) trigger the ad as the rank for that keyword should be higher.

And whilst there is in a sense a conflict between the two this will not affect the price you will pay in the auction. I wrote a piece on this a while ago whcih might help:

Re: Keywords Selection

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Hi Shwati,

Adding in Archit's answer:
You can use modified broad match, to offer a simple solution to singular /plural variants of keywords,