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Keywords Not Triggering Ads

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Hi all, 


I have several campaigns currently running. I cannot see that they are appearing when I hover over the Status. I keep seeing "Your keyword isn't triggering ads to appear on Google right now due to a low Ad Rank."


We have a QS of 5/10 and that we have a low Ad Rank.

What can I do to fix the Expected CTR? Are there any specific keywords I should place more emphasis on? I use the phrase match mainly for all KW's. Is there something else I can add to give us a higher QS and have our ads appear more frequently? 


Thank you all in advance! 


Keywords Not Triggering Ads

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CTR is about half of what weighs into quality score, in my estimation.  Of course, Google does not disclose the specifics of what goes into Quality Score because it would lead to "gaming".  But they do provide general guidelines. 


The best approach is to work on things you can control: keywords, bids, ad copy, and landing page experience.

CTR is a comparative score. Google is comparing your CTR to the CTR of other advertisers using the same keyword. So even what would normally be considered a good CTR, can lead to a low QS for some keywords.  You are in effect, competing with your competitors' ad copy. 
What is your average ad position? If the position is too low due to the bid being too low, your CTR will fall off. 
How is your ad copy?  Does it provide a compelling, unique value proposition and back it up with a little social proof or a call to action? How does it compare to competing ads?  You could try split-testing different ad copy against it, while evenly rotating the ads. 

The landing page should contain information about the topic the keyword relates to, or the keyword itself. Look at your title, headings (H2 H3 etc), image tag, and body text and see if the landing page provides what is being searched for.  The page should load in 3 seconds or less, preferably on the faster side; and should be mobile-friendly (responsive).  Google may follow any links from the page to derive further signals as to relevancy. 
Quality scores are important; but my advice is (also) don't drive yourself crazy chasing quality scores. Google doesn't want us to know everything about Quality Scores; that's the way it's supposed to be.  They want advertisers to be constantly striving towards the ideals - high relevance, great user experience on the LP, etc.  If the secrets of QS were all out in the open, then they would be immediately gamed, destroying their usefulness in short order. 


In other words, you are SUPPOSED to be a little bit perplexed.  Just follow the guidelines and best practices, and you'll be fine over time. Remember, many campaigns perform quite well with less-than-ideal quality scores.

hth; you'll likely receive other suggestions too as "ctr/quality score improvement" is a vast topic, that volumes have been written aboutSmiley Happy