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Keyword suggestion & bidding

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I wish to invite querries from families wanting to spend quality time in a quiet riverside cottage in Kasol, india. Any suggestions for keywords other than Kasol, Kasol Accommodation, family vacations, himachal destinations, holidays in the hills etc ?

Re: Keyword suggestion & bidding

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The first thing you should do when conducting a keyword research is to identify your customers. Once you build a mental profile of your customers, put yourself in their shoes , think like them what words or phrase they can use to search for your service.

After picking some keywords, it's time now to get more ideas and suggestion using the keyword planner or any other tools or ways such Google trends, Google search auto-complete, searching your website and researching your competitor's sites.

Finally, group those keywords into themes in which each ad group has specific keywords directly related to your ads and the landing page.

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Re: Keyword suggestion & bidding

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Hi Arvind,


Welcome to the AdWords Community. For better list of keyword suggestions, you can try using Keyword Planner Tool. Click here to learn how keyword planner can help you suggesting new ideas.


Using this tool, can help you from missing potential keywords your audiences are using for. I would input my landing page url or my competitor landing page url in keyword planner to get better ideas about keyword ideas.


Additionally, you can also add a display campaign targeting websites which speaks about kasol or himachal pradesh destinations. Implementing Remarketing campaigns and adding Ad Extensions can help you reach better ROI for your business.


Some other findings of me about Kasol :


1. When searching the term "Kasol" with Google Trends, I can see a steep rise Year over Year between February and June (might be the season time). This gives a good insight on when people are looking for your travel destination. Bidding aggressively in this time can boost your ROI


2. Kasol is also called as Mini Israel of India. Also try getting suggestions around this too. 


Some of the keywords suggested are kasol hotels, kasol weather. Also target websites that speaks reviews about hotels in kasol. For further queries post your reply here or contact me on LinkedIn as well.



Shafi Ahamed