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Keyword research

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I am trying to do keyword research to promote fast food restaurants - burgers etc on google display network.


I have been using keyword tool....if anyone could give me good themes or campaign isn't performing and keywords AVG CPC is very high...and i am directing the users to my fan page...dese r clients requirements...amongst all the targeting option i found contextual targeting is the cheapest.I have created ad groups like food, recipes, shopping, fashion, sports etc.I am little lost on which keywords or adgroups should i create.

Re: Keyword research

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Hello !


I have read many articles in this forum , but this is not the place to obtain a complete custom configuration from what people might type in their 5 minute spare time. There is simply to much work into such a task, hours, maybe days. Have you tried the local google Partners, maybe there are some willing to turn your campaign profitable.


I have read your previous posts, so I know what settings you have attempted. This is my advice regarding contextual targeting : 


1) Use the exclusion "Below the fold" described here


2) Use text ads along with banners, they are cheaper as they occupy the space of 1/3 from a banner.