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Keyword planner using a Test Adwords Account

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Hello Everyone,


I tried to use google keyword planner with my test adwords account.

It is not displaying proper results.

This is exactly what I did.

I tried to search for the keyword "wholesale carpets" and get ideas for it in the keyword planner.

These are the first three lines of the result that I got.


Keyword (by relevance)           Avg. monthly searches  Competition     Suggested bid            Ad impr. share 
wholesale carpets 26a3bafc                  -                          High          ₹7,114,764,755,075.19       72%
wholesale carpets e9e34350                -                            Low          ₹7,642,098,897,129.24        45%
wholesale carpets 8a8a3651               –                          Medium       ₹8,688,038,155,078.15       21%


Instead of giving similar keywords, it is actually displaying the same keyword "wholesale carpets" which I

searched for followed by a random string.


I tried the same steps with a normal adwords account and it was giving the correct result.

I can try using it to get keyword ideas but the problem is that I need to set up the  Adwords Api for it.

As my developer token is still not verified, I can only use the test account for api access.

Does google not allow a test adword account to use keyword planner tool?

If it does, then am I making a mistake while using it with my test Adwords account? 


I will really appreciate some help on this matter.

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Re: Keyword planner using a Test Adwords Account

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Hi there,

I haven't experienced this in a shell account. However, what I've experienced is that the Keyword Planner doesn't work if you haven't signed up and completed the billing set up. This is because the tool is intended for active advertisers. Have you set up billing for the test account in question?
Sumanth Sridhar

Re: Keyword planner using a Test Adwords Account

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To be honest with you, I haven't seen figures like this. In which part of the Keyword Planner are you actually entering this key phrase. And have you customized the Keyword Planner options while looking for relevant data. I would suggest reading this help center reference before you use the Keyword Planner:-



Re: Keyword planner using a Test Adwords Account

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No, I haven't set the billing. The test account is a dummy account in which the running ads won't be displayed. I am using it to test the api.

Re: Keyword planner using a Test Adwords Account

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Thank you for posting the link.
I had already gone through that and as I mentioned, the keyword planner tool is giving the
expected data when I sign in using a normal Adwords Account.
It is displaying this kind of data only when I try it using a test Adwords Account.

Re: Keyword planner using a Test Adwords Account

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currently, returning such improper results is the expected behavior --
a test-account basically operates within a sandbox-environment.

most all test-account information, including for tools such
as the keyword-planner and api-calls, return sandbox-data --
the generated test-data values are typically random, zeros,

nulls, or errors, depending on the context.

red-herring is another example, generated-value, in this context.


if a production-account has been fully created and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed then, the keyword-planner
is under the tools-tab and should return valid data -- as was

previously indicated.


a pending, activated, or rejected developer-token can access test-account data;
only an approved (activated) developer-token can access production-accounts.


otherwise, google-trends is now available for

general keyword and search-term analysis: