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Keyword multiplier and low search volume

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3.  Playing with the keyword multiplier in adwords, I am getting hammered by the 'low search traffic'.  

I coupled two lists:


hardy tough  rugged resiliant tenacious vigorous touch as nails durable   low care low maintenance easy care fast growing drought resistant   acreage farm hobby farm ranch estate rural home rural





Out of 80 possibles, I got 10.


This doesn't match with my customers, but it does explain why I have far more success with my kijiji ads than I do with my adwords ads.  (I sell trees mostly to acreage and farm owners.)



How is adwords editor calcuating these scores.  






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Re: Keyword multiplier and low search volume

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Google Employee
You might be happier with Keyword Planner tool in the online interface (Tools > Keyword Planner). There are many more options to play with. Editor only exposes a tiny subset of that tool.

Re: Keyword multiplier and low search volume

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I'm playing with keyword planner; also with an online tool that allows
combining up to 4 columns. I'm testing that one with 3000 keyword
phrases. Google says that with my Alberta location restriction I should
get a bit under a click a day at 25 cents. Curiously increasing it to a
buck a day, only increases the count to 1.1 cpd. And even at $10/click
I'd get not quite 4 clicks a day.

In general using online tools is a pain. I'm on a satellite link. Makes
for long latency. AJAX sites are the worst. Sucks to be me.

So at this point, using very large numbers of key phrases seems like a
viable strategy.