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Keyword below 1st page bid?

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Has anybody noticed that sometimes Google considered your kw as "below first page bid" whereas the average position is between rank 1 and 2 (and thus on top of page)?


Am I missing anything or Is this an issue with AdWords?

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September 2015

Re: Keyword below 1st page bid?

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Hi, there.


Your ads can get on page one, even with a bid lower than the first page estimate, yes, but they'll only show there occasionally. Different traffic--different search terms, different hours of the day, different days of the week--all of these affect the competitive landscape all the time. Some combinations are less expensive than others. Your ads may be getting placed on the first page for some of the less expensive (and probably less desirable) searches.


To get your ads consistently--virtually always--on the first page, you need to meet or beat the first page bid estimate.


Make sense?



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