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Keyword average position

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Hi All,


I found some difficulties in improving avg. rank of keywords. 

I have done the following things to achieve optimal results:


i) I have increase the bid

ii) Keyword's quality score is hardly below 8.

iii) The targeted keywords are relevant & have high search volume. 

Please share your experience and knowledge on above

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Re: Keyword average position

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Hi Ali,


What is your current Avg. Position after implementing the changes that you have mentioned above? Maybe the competition is too high for the keywords that you have in your account.Here are some few more suggestions from my side :

1.Change the keyword match type & see if you are getting any improvement
2. Check the "Top Page Suggested Bid" for the keywords & set your max cpc bid accordingly
3. Go with more keyword research & try to find out some low competitive/long tail keywords

This might help..

Re: Keyword average position

Top Contributor
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Hi Akshay,


Though you have increased the bid but might be it is still not enough for top positions.
I recommend to use all the 3 metrics: Estimated First page bid, Est. top page bid, Est. 1st position bid to get the bid estimates for desired positions.

You can also use the Flexible bid strategy: Target Search Page Location(for Top of the 1st SERP)

Note:  This strategy does not guarantee that your ad will appear only on top 3 positions, there are lot of factors which may vary the ad position.


Apart from this you can also opt bid adjustments(device, custom ad scheduling, location)

Please use these adjustments after analysing the Campaigns data.

Archit, AdWords Top Contributor, Community Profile
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Re: Keyword average position

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Thanks Shuva N.

Current keywords position is something between 2 - 3.

point no. 1 suggested by you is already applied.
I will try out point no.2 & point no. 3.
Thanks for the suggestion.

Re: Keyword average position

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Hi Akshay,

In addition to above suggestions, if you are already having avg pos. 2-3, do not stress too much. It is not always beneficial to achiever #1 position. I would suggest you to see top vs. other report and figure out which position is working best for you. I am not saying do not work to achieve #1 position, I just mean to say don't stress too much. In order to achieve #1 position, work on relevancy of your campaign. Add relevant Ad Extensions, test adcopies, add converting and relevant search queries in adgroups. Keep your adgroups tightly themed. Check SQR and find out negatives. Also see search queries which triggers your ads should be relevant to keywords added in the campaign. Find out more variations of converting keywords using tools and add them in existing or new adgroup. Work on improving CTR. Slowly you will see improvement in campaign stats. Along with raising your bids slightly, you need to optimize campaign.

Hover mouse over keyword status and see QS and Adcopy relevance, LP relevance and expected clickthrough rate. Try to work on areas according to what your campaign stats tells.

Hope that helps!

Neha Gupta, AdWordsTop Contributor Follow Me: My Blog | Twitter | Google+ | LinkedIn
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