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Keyword Search Volume Minimum?

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I've read on multiple places online that "exact" should be used when researching keywords using GKT.  I've been doing this but the keywords I look up with "exact" usually have very low search volume usually under 150.


I don't know how accurate GKT is, but is it really worth targeting a kewyord with less than 150 in search volume? 


What is your threshold in "search volume" when analyzing keywords to target? <500? <1000? <5000?  Do you base this "search volume" off of "broad"? "phrase"? "exact"?


I also try to use GKT to find keywords to target in my organic SEO efforts, and seeing keywords, which I think are great for my niche, with a search volume of less than 150 doesn't really make me want to put any SEO efforts into it.


My site is fairly new; and when I look at my Webmaster Tools I see search queries with impressions of less than 100.  So my question is; is my site just to new to get many impressions, or do these keywords not get many impressions at all?


I want to put in the work to increase SEO on these keywords, but if people are not searching for these keywords am I ever going to see these keywords increase to 5,000 impressions over time?


Thank you!


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Re: Keyword Search Volume Minimum?

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Rising Star it really worth targeting a kewyord with less than 150 in search volume? 


That's not really a meaningful question. Smiley Happy  Traffic matters less to me than results. I don't really care if the potential search volume is 150/month or 15,000/month until I see how the keyword produces. (And, personally, I'd rather manage a keyword with 150 searches a month that produces 15 sales than one with15,000 searches and 15 sales.)


In my opinion, it's worth targeting any keyword that's important to a client and for which some traffic actually exists. So the question you have to ask yourself is--how important is this keyword to me? Is it one that describes my product/services very closely? Although there's not a lot of traffic, is that traffic going to be from people highly interested in purchasing?


I can't really advise you on SEO, that's pretty far outside the scope of this forum. I will say though, that 'intelligent' traffic--that is, traffic that is people who are actually interested in what you're selling--is a lot more important than volume in that field as well. That said, if there aren't 5,000 searches a month for your SEO keywords, then SEOing your site isn't going to produce 5,000 impressions, no, not unless search volume actually increases.)


Without knowing your field, I can't advice you more specifically but I would suggest that you use a mix of the very highly targeted (but low-traffic) keywords and a few with a wider appeal. See what works--what produces the results you're interested in.


Good luck!


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