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Keyword Research Strategy

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hello friends


suppose i'm using an exact match keyword i.e [digital marketing company] and one of my competitors is using [digital marketing companies].


If someone is searching for digital marketing companies, which keyword should be triggered??

[digital marketing companies]  Right!!! ??


as far as i know, Google AdWords take close variants into consideration as well

suppose my base word is company, my ad will be appeared for keywords like companies,


Here my Keyword quality score is 9 and max CPC is 70 whereas my competitor's keyword quality score is 7 and Max CPC is 60.


Which keyword should be triggered in this case.


Could you please let me know?






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Re: Keyword Research Strategy

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Hi Hemant,

If the keywords are entered into the same auction, and one has a higher QS and a higher bid, its ad will appear higher.

Re: Keyword Research Strategy

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but here we have 2 keywords
[digital marketing company] & the other one is [digital marketing companies]

if someone searched for digital marketing companies, second keyword would be triggered


Second scenario is
KQS associated with the first keyword is 9 and Max CPC is 70 whereas the other keyword's quality score is 7 and max cps is 65.

According to the formula i.e Ad rank = Bid * quality score
first keyword will be triggered , no matter if the keyword were [digital marketing company] or [digital marketing companies]

here you can see that i'm using exact match and as far as close variants are concerned, Adwords take into account Plural forms, Acronym, Abbreviations & Acronyms.

Is my point clear????

Re: Keyword Research Strategy

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Hi Hemant,

Ad rank has one more thing included in them it also takes consideration of ad extensions and other impact of ad format.

So your ad rank = Bid* QS* Ad Extensions

So its more likely that second Keyword is winning in this auction .

Let me know if you need more help