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[Keyword] Plural or No Plural

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I know when you add your keyword and set up your ad group, you can tell it to look for misspelling and plurals. 


However, if you look at google trends for example some keywords will have a higher rating ending with -s and some vice versa.


I have also noticed when I test out smiliar grouped keywords some plurals will receive higher QS than non plurals AND vice versa. 


So you when add a keyword do you add the keyword in plural or singular? and do you notice differences when you run them side by side?

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Re: [Keyword] Plural or No Plural

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This is a an excellent question you posted on our Community forum. Based upon my AdWords experience, I've added both words (singular & plural) but untill have not noticed any significant impact on my QS. Perhaps some of our more experienced Community members can add their own perspective.

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Re: [Keyword] Plural or No Plural

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Hi there;

Well... This is an issue in which you could hear many different approaches; (I have also tested numerous...)


The issue here is that "include misspelling and plurals" is done on a campaign level. So, either "all are in" or "all are out".  You have to compromise; I wish there was an option to "break" your best performing keywords to singular and plural,  and "consolidate" (under "closed variants") the less converting keywords  For now - it cannot be done.  (The reason  is that even if you  "broke" the list, since "closed variants"  is set on a campaign level, if a plural KW has a higher ad-rank, it could be matched to a search query in singular and  trigger the ad, while you did not want that...).


So, my compromise:

In campaigns with thousands of keywords I  will "include". Otherwise, the list of keywords cannot be controlled / managed well.

In campaigns with a few dozen of keywords, which is easier to manage and control, you could add separately each variant;


This is a summary. There are many more options; for example the one JP suggested, or having the less converting variants   in a separate ad-group and bid lower... There is no one "closed" solution to this question;


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