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Keyword Ideas Tool - Old Tool!

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Keyword ideas tool the old tool used to give more ideas to a keyword that we would type where as keyword planner doesn't. How is that of any help or making it easy? Coz initially I would type one keyword and get whole other ideas/options from which i could choose. Keyword Planner doesn't give anything!

Re: Keyword Ideas Tool - Old Tool!

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Hello Raakhee N,
Google has updated it's existing Keyword Tool to Keywords Planner. It is the combination of Keyword Tool & Traffic Estimator.Keyword Planner has the same functionality of the Keyword Tool and its more user friendly.

The existing Keyword Tool & Traffic Estimator will longer be available within few months..


Re: Keyword Ideas Tool - Old Tool!

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Hi Suman

Thanks for the reply Smiley Happy

Yeah i know that... and i am using both at the moment to see how the new tool works in comparison to the current/old tool. And hence my question above... the new tool doesnt give the same data what the old tool gives neither does it actually give any 'more' ideas.

For eg:
say if in the current/old tool i put a keyword 'car tow' it will give me the stats for local monthly searches, avg CPC etc and below that it will give me this huge list of ideas associated with that word like:
"car towing"
"car towing melbourne"
"car towing services"
"car towing prices"
"cheap car towing"
"car tow bar"
"car towing trailer"

Which i am not getting in the new tool. If i put car tow and search all i get is those stats and nothing more. That means its not really easy and efficient coz I now literally need to think of what more possible words i can use in the ad group and then search them to see the estimated search volume. Where as, as per the old tool i could just select the once i need or matched my ad group and simply use them.

Kind Regards,

Re: Keyword Ideas Tool - Old Tool!

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Hello Raakhee,


It is strange that you do not get keyword ideas in the Keyword planner.

Maybe there was something strange with the targeting an setting you worked with in Keyword Planner.
Can you look at your targeting and filter options in the Keyword Planner? options like:
Locations, languages, networks, keyword filter options, keyword options


Mind the differences between these tools:


The Keyword Tool shows data for Broad Match by default, for Desktops and Laptops.
The Keyword Planner shows data for Exact Match only, but for all devices.


You can read here about the differences between the two tools


You can read other posts with questions about these tools :


Maybe you had a bug or temporary internet bug, or problem with the script that powers keyword planner so it was at that moment not running well.

Sometimes bugs get solved when deleting cookies and/or history in the browser.

I hope these tips helps you.


** I´am learning Adwords and find it very interesting.
** Ik ben Adwords aan het leren en vind het erg boeiend.