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Keyword Details Report question

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Hello everyone,


A quick question about the Keyword Details Report feature on search. I understand that I can add search queries found in the report to the working keyword list or negative list. But what's the point of adding these "new" keywords if my existing keywords have prompted my ads to get shown for those searches?



Re: Keyword Details Report question

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Hello Cstone C , Welcome to the Community


1) Adding search terms to the "normal keyword list" has the following benefits :


- lower search volume for the search term means less competition and lower avg. CPC

- matching the searcher's intent better could increase your QS for that search term, again meaning lower avg. CPC


2) Adding some search terms to the "negative keyword list" has the following benefits :


- if the search term is not generating conversions, spending clicks on it becomes useless, so it is cost-effective to prevent further searches to trigger that search term.


Further reading here : link and here link