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Just adwords?

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Hi everyone!


Which other channels do you complement your adwords strategy with?

Which tools do you use to measure them?


Thank you!

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Re: Just adwords?

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Hi @MaiMolina,


This forum doesn't promote the use of other products/vendors/channels...for obvious reasons. Now if you wanted advice or insight of which Google Platforms you should be using, Google-based reporting or analytical tools, and/or determining which route to proceed with your campaign construction...then you came to the right place.


Within Adwords, in my opinion, the Search Campaigns are the most powerful. So if you have other digital marketing campaigns active and you want to start dipping your toes into the Adwords water then I would start with building a Search Campaign. Webmaster tools like Search Console & Keyword Planner Tool should be able to assist these initiatives.


I would definitely start diving into Analytics to understand how the data is being aggregated and reported. Whether you decide to use Google Analytics as your "reporting tool" is up to you. However, understanding how it works "under the hood" will help you out with understanding how you should construct your campaigns in Adwords to help further simplify your reporting metrics that matter. Start learning about Value Track and UTM Parameters for campaign tracking purposes.


All that being said, there are 1000's of reporting tools and many digital advertising platforms that serve their own purposes. The power of the digital age provides you with instant access to that information with the touch of your keyboard... and a decent (Smiley Surprised) internet connect. But understanding the technical aspects of Adwords and Analytics will help you with determining what you should complement with your marketing initiatives.


Hope this helped Smiley Happy

Just adwords?

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Hi, Mai.


I'm using (my clients run E-Commerce websites) Google Analytics for the measuring part.

As for other channels, except search with AdWords, we're using also display campaigns, YouTube instructional videos, price comparison websites, a blog (creating content to attract organic traffic and then direct it to the e-commerce shops), E-mail marketing (newsletters mainly), social media (Facebook and a bit of G+ and Twitter), Facebook remarketing and a bit of Bing search advertising, because Bing in most of the EU countries we're advertising is bringing in negligible traffic.


Of course, the big bucks come from AdWords + direct traffic + Google organic but other channels do assist conversions to some extent (and probably do way more than that but we can't quite put our finger on it, at least not from what we see in Multi-Channel Funnels) so we show them a bit of love as well.


Being active in the E-Commerce area, of course, Shopping is huge and getting bigger every day, so I can say that it is our main focus.


Hope this answers your question and I'm hoping others will chime in as well.

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