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Joint campaign adwords

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Hi, i work for a company with multiple divisons. In adwords we basically are competing against eachother and bidding on the same brand term(our company name). Now we are thinking about setting up a joint campaign. Does anybody have experience with this and maybe know some best practices? For example would you advice to develop a seperate landing page for this campaign? What would be the pro's and con's?




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Re: Joint campaign adwords

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Hi Shai,

It's more than just separate landing pages. I would think that your company needs to get the divisions together for a proper marketing strategy session. One account with multiple campaigns would be ideal in my personal opinion.

Say your company is a cable provider you would have campaigns for:

a. Brand Name
b. TV
c. Phone
d. Internet

You would likely have adgroups under each campaign that were specific to the campaigns main theme.

For instance

d. "INTERNET" campaign would have the adgroups:
i. high speed internet
ii. inexpensive internet
iii. internet service providers

And of course it would be best if each ad could go to a relevant landing page.

In the case of a brand keyword...If it is just the brand name alone then I would think the homepage of the website that highlights all the services would be the most appropriate landing page. However, if the brand keyword includes a service e.g. "acme high speed internet" then an adgroup in the INTERNET campaign would be appropriate and the high speed internet landing page would be ideal.

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Re: Joint campaign adwords

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Hi Kim,

Thanks for your reply!